Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


A study published in Neurology has verified that those older people who regularly used olive oil for cooking and salad dressing were 41% less likely to suffer a stroke problem than those who rarely consumed. Olive oil is-probably-the most important supplement our diet, since being unsaturated fatty acids can benefit us a lot, always taking the right amount. Increases longevity and helps healthy aging, protects the development of Alzheimer's and cognitive decline associated with aging. Being pure olive juice and not refined, is the best oil that we consume, and the healthiest. The extra virgin olive oil, consumed along with a Mediterranean diet, is beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Numerous studies demonstrate the anti-inflammatory power of polyphenols that help protect against atherosclerosis. In addition, olive oil is rich in oleic acid (C18: 1). It is a monounsaturated fat (MUFA) cardiosaludable, increasing HDL (good) and lowers bad cholesterol.
Some studies have suggested that diets rich in olive oil could protect certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer, preventing the formation of cancerous cells. They could also help control obesity and type 2 diabetes as part of a healthy diet. In diabetics, helps lower blood sugar levels, so need less insulin. Help to hardening of the bones.
Digestive aid in the absorption of fats and reduces the risk of the occurrence of gastric ulcers. Excellent skin: large moisturizing properties, improves the structure of the skin and delay the aging of the skin
An added value of olive oil for people taking medicine anticolesterolemiante is that it was found that consumption improves the effect of the drug against the intake of other fats like sunflower oil.